ribbon embroidery

Ribbon Embroidery - At a link to the original Russian site. This is just a straight stitch done w/ribbon.

embroidered flower

step by step hydrangea embroidery. It's a little cutesy for me, but I like the layered, ombre effect and could employ it with a more modern design.


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Sashiko Stitchers: Sashiko stitching is an elegant and very simple stitching technique dating back to the 1600's.

This year the guild I belong to, The Flying Needles Quilt Guild, is working through the theme “Quilting Around the World.” Each month a member has done a demo featuring a quilting tech…

Lynette Anderson The Orange Tree cushion. Really like this one.

Stitching and finishes...

French knots-idea for embroidery

What I Did While Waiting ….

French knot embroidery: Would like to make an "Earth" with this technique. I especially like this persons idea of the earth