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Photography · Sep 2015 In the series 'Hide And Seek', photographer Kamil Kotarba reflects on how the rise of mobile screens negatively influences the way we connect and interact with others. Sept 2015 via ignant.



Go to your bookshelf and write down all the names of books you have been meaning to read but haven't yet on little scraps of paper and put them in a jar.  Pick one out and let the fun begin!

Book Jar: "Write down the titles of books you want to read on little slips of paper and then put them in a jar (or whichever container you deem suitable! Then randomly pick one out of the jar to decide what to read next." What a fun idea!

16 Fotoğrafla Modernize Edilmiş Mazi: Vintage Fotoğraflara Bir de Böyle Bakın

In a continuation of her Dancing with Costică series, Australian artist Jane Long has created more imaginatively surreal compositions by digitally restoring, colorizing, and manipulating black-and-white photos captured over 50 years ago.