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Canvas Art Gallery Wrap 'Muzzle Nuzzle Wolves

Wolves are known as social, gregarious creatures of great intelligence. This charming fine art print of nuzzling wolves makes a great decor accent for the animal lover and wolf admirer.

Pinterest // hrosesimon

Pinterest // hrosesimon

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Amelia Short. The name may be deceiving. She was a 14 year old who "wasn't built right for dance". So, she started skate boarding during the day and secretly training for dance in her free time. No one knew who she really was. And she loved it.

given them credit for it. What a fantastic pic! The photog was able to capture the tom-boy on the right, even the way the leg is shaped, and the feminine dancer on the left with grace and elegance. Fabulous shot and design!

THIS. --- Being a hip hop dancer and learning new styles kind of looks like this. Many Spartanaires have to learn different dance styles so that could be a great story.