Mural for the gym at school?? do on a removable board? Variation of mural we did at the old middle school! Would this work now?

Mural for school? Or do on a removable board? Variation of mural for track & field bulletin board.

Shades of blue for water. Use different textures- shimmer, some rough like sand paper, etc.

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The birds, the image of the butterflies, the flowers and the tree create this natural looking scene for Spring time!

Phase 1 - School Mural - Paint A Lifestyle Cindy Scaife

I have a firm belief at every school deserves to have art and murals within their walls. This is my mission!

Moral Action in Practice | Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy | Students at one urban high school give voice and ownership to core character components through the arts. Painting their way to respect, empathy, communication, and personal & social responsibility, & perserverence, GILPP students cooperated to bring their artistic vision to life. This youth-initiated project yielded 6 murals, one for each character component that beautified their Bronx-based campus.

This site of the Character Education Partnership provides lesson plans and resources for helping develop students and schools of character. Respect, tolerance, and ethical citizenship are the cornerstones of this organization's mission and vision.

mural idea for the gym?

A PeacePlayers Mural announces our presence on the walls of the elementary school in Kolossi