Gökhan Güvendi

Gökhan Güvendi

Gökhan Güvendi
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Instagram media by fredao_oliveira - Lobo do Arthur valeu manin ✌️#linework #wolf #wolftattoo

A skull and wolf themed sleeve tattoo. You can see the human skull being used as a hat by the angry looking wolf. The tattoo looks well done and fearless and definitely not for the weak of will.

#Hairstyle ✂️ #Haircut . #Hairmanstyles @sergiogonzalezfdz

- if I ever need the identity of a hot bearded guy with a man bun / top knot, his bearded face and hair would be my top choice.

El tatuaje de la brújula ha sido una opción popular entre la mayoría de las culturas durante siglos. Es un símbolo marítimo que era popular entre los primeros navegantes y se reía que hacerse un tatuaje de brújula les protegería de aguas turbulentas y que les aseguraría que volverían a casa sanos y salvos

Mexican tattoo usualy feature very specific icons like the national flag and religious symbols