Göktuğ Daşdelen

Göktuğ Daşdelen

Göktuğ Daşdelen
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A clean example of medium rectangular pavers. We could do beach stone in-between, or all the way around. If we had a patio/yard in front of the shed, the path could cut through it like this.

The rock gardens can are available in various shapes and sizes. These ornamental rocks and stones can be used throughout your yard for a variety of purposes that range from a decorative irrigation system, elegant fountains, or ornate gardens.

Backyard is that kind of cozy and charming places for relaxing, reading, sunning, grilling, gardening and entertaining with your family. Even if your backyard is small it also can be very comfortable and inviting. Having a small backyard does not mean your backyard landscaping options are few. Take a look at these pictures we have collected below, and …

A townhouse garden designed by New York firm, Foras Studio. This low maintenance space has 6 identical garden beds, each planted with a different plant. Clever concept for small spaces.

¿A quién no le gusta decorar su jardín con estas preciosidades?

Pathway to. Railroad sleepers cut to size and white gravel. The sculpted boxwood is a nice touch too

White Birch Tree with Million Bells flowers.

Tree art by Earl Senchuk ~ branches and trunk of tree are man made, flowers are planted in pots and attached making for the most amazing flowering tree that could be different every year.

Hafızanızdan silinmeyecek bahçe tasarımı http://www.canimanne.com/hafizanizdan-silinmeyecek-bahce-tasarimi.html

Flowers are considered as refreshing splash of color in our garden, so give them a creative touch by arranging them like spilled flower pots.