Чудесные аппликашки от les frotteurs. Animales en crochet.


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Me encanta, si alguien sabe dónde aprender, por favor que me diga. Me tiene fascinada

À faire soi-même. (AFSM) Introductory course in Turkish Needle Lace(Oya) in english and german. Their pdf and kit prices are incredibly reasonable. This is a dying art. Pinners, please learn it and pass it along!

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How to make needle lace tutorial

The videos Needle lace tutorial , Free Tutorial , Needlelace made easy is a series of videos , Needle tatting , How to Learn Needle Lace Fan technigue.

How to made :https://youtu.be/gIys7SRI33E

How to made :https://youtu.be/gIys7SRI33E