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Light House sea shell wreath by CarmelasCoastalCraft on Etsy

Light House sea shell wreath by CarmelasCoastalCraft on Etsy. I wonder if I could duplicate this for the patio using air plants.

Nazar Boncuklu Ev Süsü

Turkish Evil Eye Amulet for hanging home or office. An amulet charm or object carried for protection from evil illness or harm or an object to bring good luck. Weight: g / oz Dimension: Width cm / in

Shell wreaths

Here is a large mermaid wreath, a 24 inch mermaid wreath with starfish and Mermaid wreath seashells along with pretty florals and greenery. I glitzed up

mimi bathroom it needs to be very small

Collecting seashells since you were a child? Here are some of the unique craft with beach shell decorative ideas.

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