Our Girl Scout troop is going to make these to decorate the Bridge at Fernandez Park for our bridging ceremony. Hope it's as easy as it looks!

Tutorial: DIY Tissue Paper Pom-Poms this tutorial is pretty good. Use square sheets or tissue for a rounder Pom Pom. Tie the middle with ribbon and tied several on ribbon and hung them for a backdrop. Use thin tissue paper and fluff gently.

How to Tie Sliding Knots

Here's How To Tie Anything And Everything

Puntada reversible con 2 agujas esta doble esponjoso muy abrigable preciosa tejala para cualquier proyecto le va a encantar, se aumentan de 12 a 24 puntos la...

This video demonstrates how to knit a Knotted Cable panel. I also show you how you can cable without a cable needle.

Chinese Waves stitch - YouTube

A video on how to knit the Chinese Waves stitch. - For full written instructions, please visit link:  

Modelli invernali per maglieria. Discussione sulla LiveInternet - Russo Servizi online Diaries

шапочка с зимним узором Snowy village hat and chart,at the bottom of a page of fun Christmas charts,probably cross-stitch so will stretch vertically when knitted.

Krentu Patterns : How to make a slipped stitch edge - YouTube

Watch video to learn how to knit the Alternating Welted Leaf stitch. The stitch is easy enough for even b.