Sac bandoulière forme seau / bourse en jean recyclé

Upcycled denim jeans bag - pinning for inspiration - item is/was for sale. Dimensions - height diameter of the bottom -

Olga Prinku floral wreath weaves

Exquisite Floral Wreath Weavings are a Beautiful Frame to View the World

While many artists create hoop art with embroidery thread, Olga Prinku has a different approach. She creates floral wreath weavings with real blooms. / Фото #56 - Mango Au fil des saisons - Chispitas / Фото #56 - Mango Au fil des saisons - Chispitas watch?ph=bBz7-ffw4S&subpanel=zoom&zoom=8 watch?ph=bBz7-ffw4S&subpanel=zoom&zoom=8

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