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How To Wood

How To Wood

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日本の建物づくりを支えてきた技術 - 建築をめぐる話・・・・つくることの原点を考える 下山眞司

「日本の建物づくりを支えてきた技術」のブログ記事一覧(2ページ目)-建築をめぐる話・・・つくることの原点を考える    下山眞司

「日本の建物づくりを支えてきた技術」のブログ記事一覧(2ページ目)です。☆ 【建築をめぐる話・・・つくることの原点を考える 下山眞司 】

Awesome Joinery... More Woodworking Projects on www.woodworkerz.com

Woodworking Tips And Techniques

50 Digital Joints: poster visual reference

50 Digital Joints: Poster Visual Reference

50 Digital Joints: Poster Visual Reference: Jochen Gross made this wonderful compilation of digital wood joints under CC license (various CAD files also available to download on his site). I wanted to be able to look at them all at once at marvel at their beauty, so I whipped up this poster-f…


Wood working design

New you can Build ANY shed In A weckend Even If you've zero woodworking Experience!

Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig and Box Joint Jig

Leigh D4R Pro Adjustable Dovetail Jig for Dovetails, Box Joints and other Joinery

The Leigh D4R Pro dovetail jig is the most versatile and user-friendly joinery jig available, dovetails—through, half-blind, sliding and box joints


Mary Quite Contrary

Mary Quite Contrary....a view of my heaven, my inspiration for current projects and future installations. Recycled arts, painting, sustainable architecture, fiber, digital and contemporary art along with classic painting and ancient artifacts. Anthropological and various religions views and...

Sweet Dovetail Joint

Double Dovetail box

This was my attempt at Woodhackers hand cut double dovetails that I completed about a year ago. I do not have a band saw as of yet so I rigged up a few jigs to hold the work at specific angles on the table saw and hogged out most of the waste tat...

Hand-Cut Lapped Dovetails | Canadian Woodworking

Hand-Cut Lapped Dovetails

Hand-Cut Lapped Dovetails | Canadian Woodworking