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an ornate glass window in the middle of a room
Design / by Zahid Sardar / Making the Scene / In the make-believe world of opera, fashioning sets requires more than a dose of reality
an old sailing ship in the middle of the ocean with cloudy skies above it and water below
Pearl: Photo
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the stage is lit up with bright lights and blue curtains, as well as an elaborate sunburst
Sound of Music Toronto 2007
The Sound of Music. Scenic design by Robert Jones. Lighting by Mark Henderson.
a painting of a man and woman in front of a window with chandelier
Jenna Paddey Art
a tree with white feathers on it in the middle of an empty desert area, under a cloudy sky
Dariusz Klimczak - Paintings for Sale
the stage is set for an upcoming play
Theater Design Portfolio
The Tempest
statues on display in the middle of a room with stone walls and steps leading up to an open window
Vanessa Beecroft: “Art does not heal, it translates pain into something universal”
an image of a fantasy scene with boats in the water
Wonders The Canal Of Isfahan Art Print by Te Hu
an elaborately decorated stage set with blue walls and purple carpeted flooring is shown
Cinderella Model Design - Glitter Pantomimes
Cinderella Model Design Archives » Glitter Pantomimes
an empty stage with benches and windows
Театральные декорации - Декорации. Оформление мероприятий.
a group of dancers on stage in front of an audience at a show or performance
Beauty awakens
Sleeping Beauty, Royal Ballet
a stage set with chairs and bookshelves
2015 "And Then There Were None." Fulton Theatre: Lancaster, PA by Erica Harney at
an animated scene with trees and lights in the background
Set Design-ish - Star Wars Art
a stage set with skulls on it
phanto11.jpg - Click to see more photos on ServImg
Phantom of the Opera