Meltem Güneş
Meltem adlı kullanıcıdan daha fazla fikir
Viram que é possível fazer em casa? Furador, papelão, cadarço, caneta e criatividade!
Matematik oyunu...CANNUR HAZNEDAR
Set up a simple fine motor activity to work on letter recognition. This letter matching activity can be set up various ways depending on your child's skill level: alphabetical order, uppercase/ lowercase letter recognition, sequencing, etc!
Large tubes & balls - wow this looks like fun! Would like to do something like this outside!great for children with enveloping or enclosure schemas.
Busy Bee Speech: 10 Fun Pinterest Finds for Speech
DIY Simple & Amazing Apple Fruit Flower ~ for parties  {use a little lemon juice to keep from browning}
Pom Pom Sorting: Fine Motor Skills Activity - a fine motor skills and math sorting activity for toddlers using typical craft supplies; easy indoor activity for toddlers
DIY Sensory Blocks - a wonderful sensory toy for your little one
Busy Bee Speech: 10 Fun Pinterest Finds for Speech