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a close up of a blue and white cross - stitch pattern on a piece of cloth
a close up of a table with blue and white designs on the top of it
a stone oven sitting on top of a cement slab
Πέτρινη βρύση
Κατασκευή πέτρινης βρύσης με διάφορες αποχρώσεις ροζέ άσπρο και μαύρο πράσινο.
a stone walkway being built in the middle of a field
Kayrak taşı , zemin kaplama, yürüyüş yolu, sarı siyah kayrak taşı
a man laying on top of a stone walkway next to flowers and plants in a garden
25 Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path Ideas
a rock garden bed with flowers in it
Create an amazing island in the garden (1)
the table cloth is laid out on top of each other with white lace and beads