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Çığlık Tablosuyla Tanıdığımız Edvard Munch’un 27 Özel Tablosu

A lot of people visit the Munch Museum expecting to see The Scream painting there, but it is not there. BUT a visit to the Munch Museum is a must. The National Gallery houses Norway's biggest public collection of works of art, painting, sculpture.

cool WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM??: Start of 2014-2015 School Year COLLABORATION PROJECT                                                                                                                                                                                 More

With a partner students could stand in different positions and trace each other's shadows. elements of art: color, shape and space. Also a good science lesson to teach how the earth rotates in relation to the sun.

I'm just gonna blow a little steam...

the mashup glory: "Starry Night" crossed with "The Scream" and overlaid with "Ghostface" from the movie "Scream. The Starry Night 'Scream'

Starry Night study

This is a study I did of Vincent Van Gogh's work, Starry Night. His work is incredible, and I strive to have his passion when creating art.