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Viking's [1x8] Sacrifice song

Vikings Soundtrack- "Blood Eagle" Original soundtrack by: Wardruna- "Løyndomsriss" and "Heimta Thurs"

#Metalmorphosis is a mirrored water fountain by Czech sculptor David Černý that was constructed at the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, NC. The 14-ton sculpture is made from massive stainless steel layers that rotate 360 degrees and occasionally align to create a massive head. It even has it’s own live webcam.

Metalmorphosis Mirror Fountain I Artist: Czech sculptor David Černý I Location: USA ~ Description: A 14 ton sculpture made from huge stainless steel layers that are engineered to rotate 360 degrees, occasionally regrouping itself to create a massive head.

Illinois Net-Zero-Energy masterpiece producing 40 percent more energy than it consumes

This is the Yannell Residence in Chicago, Illinois, a home that was designed and built as an exercise in net zero energy living -- it produces at least as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.

BIRA.FM [KASA] // Keyif,yalnız gitmez

FM was an on-demand playlist radio, where songs were carefully picked and arranged to accompany the listeners’ moods.