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Fairy Tale...

Let There Be Light by Hennie Van Heerden "Sometimes the smallest things can make you happy again, and forget what was bothering you. In my case today, it was 2 things; seeing the deer and that one ray of sunlight.

10cc - Deceptive Bends by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell | Hypergallery Album Art Prints

Great detail from a Storm Elvin Thorgerson album cover which I think I've pinned before. I love that he uses a deep sea diver of the old school here instead of an astronaut. I believe this is a different version of the cover for "Deceptive Bends" album.

Neil Young

rock-and-roll-will-never–die: “ quadropheniablues: “ Neil Young and his famous Gretsch White Falcon, the most beautiful guitar.

mineral bull’s-eye - Utah

Utah’s Shining Oasis. “The company’s [Kennecott Copper] mineral bull’s-eye in the Oquirrh Mountains stretches two and a half miles wide and more than half a mile deep - the nation’s largest open-pit copper mine, and its most productive.