Las vacaciones traen consigo HORAS de tiempo libre, sobre todo para los niños sedientos de actividades divertidas. Estos proyectos DIY son perfectos para esas ocasiones y sólo requieren de un montón de palitos de paleta, pegamento y mucha creatividad. ¿Quién diría que se podían fabricar cosas...

33 cosas que puedes hacer con palitos de paleta

Boredom can easily strike anyone at any time of the day. No matter how interesting things can be, it can still become boring if done over and over again. And all people need to loosen up and have time to exercise their creative side and one of the easiest

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This is super cute with the permanent bow. Great for a summer setting/barbecue style meal!


Ich fand es unmöglich das jemand so etwas malt aber es geht. I found it inpossible that someon draw somthing like that but if you see it is possible.

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Bailarinas y corazón vivero pared arte en rosa y por FlorasShop

Pink and white nursery wall art. Set of three handmade canvases with Dancing Ballerinas in pink tutus and pink rhinestone heart on a lace background. Each canvas is 8 X The background and ballerinas are painted with acrylic paint. Dancers are decor

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for mom: Sewing idea: apple pillow. Maybe a good end-of-the-year gift for a teacher? I know, I know, kind of cliche, but how fun would it be to get one of these as a gift?