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25 Fantastic Architectural Designs for Green Living in Floating Cities

Three Spirits Concept by Filip Fortunat Kurzewsk Three Spirits concept by Filip Fortunat Kurzewski is a floating tourist base in the form of three ships – hotels, each of them is an independently functioning building.

Detroit is abuzz with talk about Omar Blaik’s revitalization plan for the historic Midtown neighborhood,

Burj Khalifa Park by SWA Group in Dubai. SWA Group is an international landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm with offices around the world .

HOK's masterplan design for Water Garden City in Bahrain

Week 5 - The masterplan is placing Bahrain at the forefront of modern design and helping the country gain recognition as a place that values the quality and finish of its urban spaces

AECOM Wins International Competition for the Master Plan of Rio 2016 Olympic Park (2)

Gallery of AECOM Wins International Competition for Master Plan of Rio 2016 Olympic Park - 5

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