Troyes is so cute I can't omg

I love how everyone has a fancy signature but Dan and Phil literally just write…

Memes, , and Legend: kayla 3C @legend hohil I FOUND DAN IN 13 REASONS WHY IM LAUGHING SO HARD @danisnotonfire 13 Reasons Why S1 E12 Tape 6, Side B" 54 10 IM DONE - - - - phan dan phil danhowell phillester phanhowlter whiskers houseplant dilhowlter existentialcrisis amazingphil danisnotonfire amazingphilanddanisnotonfire phandom hearteyeshowell dinof

actually, 13 reasons why was filmed in an actual high school so basically they took out everything they thought weren't good for the show and stuff like that so they saw dan an just "oh this is fine, this seems like a normal thing"

#wattpad #fanfiction Phil is a 6th year Hufflepuff, and Dan is a 6th year Slytherin. They are the exact opposite; Phil is outgoing, Dan is shy. Phil is social, Dan is not. Phil has many friends, Dan is bullied. By some coincidence, they meet on the way to Hogwarts on the train. And the clichè "opposites attract" story...

The Snake and the Badger were always best friends - Chapter 18 ~ Can't I just have 1 nice moment?

I don't ship Phan but I'm glad that our fandom is getting out there.>>>Yeah, the phandom hijacked a post!>>>> It was even a Harry Potter post!

Poor Daniel he's so precious//Phil in reality eats to hot food. In the middle of the night" "Drinks to hot tea" Messes up sleeping times" "bangs food against door" "Sleeps with contact lenses in" "hurts self on cactus" They need eachother lol


Vidcon 2017 is happening right now and I'm not there and dan and phil are and I'm upset<<<Aww same