Spring Basket. Only inspiration, no pattern

50 Crochet Bag Patterns: This bag is quite different from the conventional huge shiny bags that you have become fed up of. In this pattern of crochet, multi

Tightweave crochet and a double handle.

Los Feliz Tote Nude Sparkle

New The Sake Crochet Tote Handbag Purse Satchel Clutch Shoulder Bag Wallet Color

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DODA CROCHET: Risultati di ricerca per borse - brown crocheted handbag/purse

Knitting Bag - kit in French. Love this too.  these are my colors!

Knitting Bag - kit in French. I can see either daughter with this.

MES FAVORIS TRICOT-CROCHET: Modèle gratuit : Un sac coloré au crochet                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Way back in July, you may remember me making this bag. It's my own design, made on a whim and I was/am absurdly proud of it. It has received much admiration when I jaunt about with it on my shoulder,.