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Correcting Sitting Posture with the Ball

Correcting Sitting Posture with the Ball

Developing Sitting Balance in Infants  http://therapylibrary.com/index.php?option=com_content=article=89=3431#

Developing Sitting Balance in Infants…

The Practical Guide to Toilet Training Your Child With Low Muscle Tone - 51 page digital document written by CathyAnn Collyer, OTR

Whether it be toilet training a young child or helping a school-aged child with a bathroom routine here are 10 tips to help children with toileting.


Do you have any students who need just a little extra reminder of where the chair ends? Maybe an external cue of where to put their hips? Grab a pool noodle. Measure it to fit the seat of the chair and cut off the excess. Use some duct tape and strap