galets décoratifs à motifs maisons colorées en rouge, orange et marron

Galets décoratifs peints à la main en 52 idées formidables

lots and lots of painted rocks

painted rocks - love this house! This would be an amazing idea to do with children or even secretly for them and hide the rocks in the garden! I would have been taken to a whole other world of imagination if I found fairy houses in our garden!

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Penguins on the Rocks. Jung Hwa Yoo, Facebook.

Tired of trying to figure out what to do with all of the stones in your backyard? Use them to decorate your garden! There are many ways to use stones to make your garden unique and beautiful. Here are nine creative ways you can use stones in your garden.

Çakıl Taşlarından Kaktüs

DIY Rock Cactus Garden- this if for those self declared Brown-Thumbs out there!


A PLACE for PURPLE Passion - hand painted rock art (MyGardenRocks on Etsy. Sold, but has many more cute painted rocks)

Taş boyama tekniği ile uğur böceği nasıl yapılır

DIY Painted Stone Ladybug -this could be a great housewarming party craft idea. Have everyone paint a stone and use them in your new garden.