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an older woman with blonde hair and blue shirt next to a black and white photo
The legendary actress Eileen Ryan, dead at 94
The 94-year-old mother of Sean Penn and famous actress Eileen Ryan died
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Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Sadly Lost His Newborn Son!
It is with our deepest sadness we have to announce that our baby boy has passed away, he wrote. #CristianoRonaldo #Baby #HeartBreaking #RIP
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Bruce Willis Quits Acting at 67 After Aphasia Diagnosis
He was having issues with his cognitive abilities due to aphasia and it is no longer viable for the legendary actor to continue his acting profession #BruceWillis #Aphasia #Retirement #Actor
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Hugh Jackman Pays Emotional Tribute to His Father!
Heartbreaking news! Hugh Jackman’s lost his beloved father. #HughJackman #Tribute #RIP
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24 Yr Old Olympic Cyclist Olivia Podmore’s Death Shocked the World!
It’s heartbreaking news that New Zealand has lost the most talented cyclist! #OlympicCyclist #Demise #RIP #OliviaPodmore
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Boy Bullied To Death in School. Parents To Be Paid $3 Million by School!
The agreement was announced on Friday, and the school also agreed to prevent such bullying in the near future. #Bullying #SchoolBoy #Sued
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Tarzan’s actor and 6 others die in a plane crash!
Here is what happened to Tarzan’s actor and 6 others in the plane that crashed into Percy Priest Lake, Smyrna, Tennessee, on Saturday. #Tarzan #PlaneCrash #RIP
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Amy Winehouse’s Iconic Clothes Auctioned!
The late singer’s father, Mitch Winehouse, said it was painful for him and his family to see her items. #AmyWinehouse #Clothes #Auctioned
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Tragic Demise of Celebrities!
Here is the list of few celebs who sent shock waves after their demise… #Celebrities #Death #News
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Tragic Demise of Celebrities! - Celebrity Gossips, Hollywood and Entertainment News!
Tragic Demise of Celebrities!
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Naya Rivera’s Case: ‘Nothing Came So Far’ Says Police!
The actress disappeared and her son was found alone in the boat. It took authorities six days to locate her body in the cold, deep water. #NayaRivera #Death #Mystery
a man with tattoos on his arm holding a microphone up in the air while wearing a black t - shirt
Rapper Mo3 Shot Dead, Cops Announced $5000 Reward For Tip!
RIP #Mo3 #Rapper #Murder #Shooting
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Leslie Hamilton Twin of Linda Passes Away At 63! - Celebrity Gossips, Hollywood and Entertainment News!
Leslie Hamilton Twin of Linda Passes Away At 63!
a man laying on a surfboard in the ocean with his arms out and smiling
Popular YouTuber and Teen Dad Landon Clifford Dies At 19!
One of the famous YouTube guys and teenage dad of 2 toddlers Landon Clifford died at 19. #RIP #YouTuber #LandonClifford #Heartbreaking
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Vinnie Jones goes for Therapies to Cope-up with Wife’s Demise!
Once a successful football star for the country and for his club Chelsea is now battling grief post the demise of his wife Tanya. #RIP #Tanya #Heartbreaking #Tragedy