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Build Your Green Dream Home With These Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Conventional Building Materials

What does your dream house look like? Is it covered in solar panels? Surrounded by plants? Maybe it's tucked into the forest or perched on the coastline. We've rounded up six people who refused to accept the fact that eco-friendly home has to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rather than wait the years it would take to afford a traditionally-built home, these folks build for $20,000 or less! Read on to find out how they did it.

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Trinidad by Cubular Container Buildings | Tiny House Living

Pod Space is a new garden office company - with a rather nice web site - set up by architecturally trained designer Ben Lord. Interestingly, and this is a trend I expect to see more of in 2010, the pods (there are three models) are aimed at employers who want to give their staff the option of working from home as well as individual shedworkers.

Swedish company Kenjo is back with a new prefab called Friluftsstugan, or Outdoor Cottage. The new cottage was designed by Johan Svartnäs and comes complete with a movable roof. The upper roof slides out over the exterior wooden deck to make way for a covered outdoor space.

He Shed, She Shed — All the Things You Can Do With Backyard Sheds