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Old cameras meant that photo subjects had to hold absolutely still for a loooooooooong time, so they usually appeared stiff and unsmiling. Sometimes stands were often used to hold people still - especially children. They were NOT strong enough to hold dead people up, however. Post-mortem photos were usually shot sitting or lying down, or being propped up by another person. But even live subjects could be creepy....some deliberately so!

Granny Grue
This is so creepy

This is so creepy

It may not seem like it but the two people in this photo are dead. They were set up for their last photo

Memento Mori Photography

WARNING! Not for the faint of heart. Alright... Here's something i'd love to share to all you shutterbugs. It's literally a dead artform (no pun intended) of photography. This used to be hip a long

crystal ball

The Black Hat Society

Witches, witchcraft, The Moon, cats, curiosities, darkness, goth, magick, crows, the occult, horror, tattoos, pin-ups, corsets, wolves, paranormal, abandoned asylums, creepy stuff, kitsch, 80s, weird, campy.

human man woman in bat costume, black & white Photo

Photo (2headedsnake)

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35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes - Team Jimmy Joe

35 Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Costumes | Team Jimmy Joe

The Bizarre. The Scary. The Macabre.

You can see the evil grin behind the mask

You can see the evil grin behind the mask

Vintage Clowns

Vintage Clowns



| andrej glusgold

OVERVIEW - Photographs and drawings of Berlin artist Andrej Glusgold

Andrej Glusgold is photographer, illustrator and professor of photography at University of Europe in Berlin. His work deals with the visual language of the soul, dreams, visions, spirituality, eroticism and shamanism.

Vintage Halloween costume. Homemade creepiness at its best 彡

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Victorian Mourning    Locket

Mourning Jewelry: MJ059

Everything seems totally ordinary, until you take a closer look at this photo taken over 100 years ago.


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