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a table and chairs with the words spain or italy for a summer europe trip?
Spain or Italy: Which Country Should You Visit?
Discover the ultimate guide to choosing between Spain and Italy for your European adventure! Delve into the pros and cons, optimal times to travel, and must-visit destinations in each country. Make an informed decision and craft unforgettable memories on your next trip. | italy or spain for vacation | choosing between spain and italy | spain or italy for europe trip
the front and back cover of game of thrones locations in seville, spain
Game of Thrones Seville Filming Locations You Have to Visit
Discover the enchanting fusion of Seville's allure and Game of Thrones magic! Unveil the iconic filming locations from the acclaimed series amidst Seville's flamenco rhythms and UNESCO treasures in this comprehensive guide. Explore the Royal Alcázar, the Hall of Ambassadors, and more, immersing yourself in the realm of Westeros while experiencing the vibrant essence of Seville. | game of thrones seville | filming locations got spain | got seville locations
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A Weekend in La Rioja and Navarra with the Kids: Our Ultimate 3-day Itinerary
Here's a handy 3-day itinerary for those planning to spend a long weekend in La Rioja and Navarra. I love visiting both regions occasionally, but this trip was my first time traveling to Northern Spain with the kids. | Pamplona Navarra Travel | Spain Beautiful Places | Spain Travel Destinations | La Rioja Spain | North Spain Road Trip | Spain Travel bucket list | Off the beaten path Spain | Spain Travel Blog | North Spain |Europe Travel Destinations| Wineries in spain
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Things to Do In Cordoba, Spain: A Day Trip From Seville
Things to do in Cordoba, Spain | A guide to a Cordoba day trip from Seville, what to do in Cordoba with just a few hours or a full day. Should this historic city be on your souther Spain itinerary? How to visit the Mezquita, an olive oil tasting class, wanding around, churros, & more! Where to stay in Cordoba, how to get to Cordoba, and whether this is the best Andalusia day trip. #andalucia #spain #cordoba #seville
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Madrid to Valencia Road Trip: Top Stops
Let´s explore some stunningly beautiful places that could be easily visited on any Madrid to Valencia road trip. Both cities are must-see on every Spain Bucket List, but how about adding to your plans a few hidden Spanish gems on the go? | Road trips in Spain| Best Spanish Road Trips | Spain Things to see | Spain places to visit | Spain Travel Beautiful Places | Spain Travel Guide| Europe Travel Destinations | Spain Madrid to Valencia |
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Asturias Road Trip in Spain: 3-day Itinerary
Let me share the details of my first Asturias Road Trip - an ultimate 3-day itinerary to enjoy some of the best landmarks of Northern Spain. #travel #spain #asturias #north | Asturias Spain Travel | North Spain Travel | Asturias Things to see | Norther Spain Itinerary | Northern spain Road Trip
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Spain or Italy: Which Country Should You Visit?
Paella or pizza? Sangria or spritz? Immerse yourself in the passionate cultures of Spain and Italy to find your perfect vacation match. From ancient ruins to sun-kissed beaches, discover which European gem dazzles you most.
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Granada or Seville: Which Spanish City Should You Visit?
History buffs will be spellbound by Granada's Alhambra, while Seville's vibrant tapas scene will tantalize taste buds. Discover which Andalusian gem is your perfect match!
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Spain or Italy: Which Country Should You Visit?
Discover the perfect European destination for your next vacation! Dive into the Spain vs Italy debate with a seasoned traveler, exploring pros and cons, budget considerations, food preferences, and top attractions. Make an informed decision and plan your dream trip to either Spain or Italy with confidence.
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Fuerteventura Travel Guide: 21 Best Things to Do & Places to Visit on the Volcanic Island
Want to visit Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands? In this travel guide to the volcanic island, there's all you need to know including what to do and see, the best beaches, when to visit and where to stay. #fuerteventura #canaryislands #spain #travel
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29 Epic Things to Do in Mallorca, Spain
29 Epic Things to Do in Mallorca, Spain. What are some of the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain? Of course, there are lovely beaches to swim at (we love Cala Deia). But you can also hike, explore historic towns and more... #Mallorca #Mallorcatravel #Majorca #Spain #travelguide
ten things to do in barcelona, spain
Ten Things To Do In Barcelona
Ten Things to Do In Barcelona, Spain - this European city has so much to experience: art, history, architecture, beaches, museums, great food, festivals. #Barcelona #Spain
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15 Epic Natural Wonders in Spain
Discover the best nature in Spain with these 15 incredible natural wonders in Spain. Spain has amazing national parks, natural parks, and UNESCO biosphere reserves just waiting for you to explore. | places to visit in Spain | places in Spain | parks in Spain | places to visit in Europe | Spain travel | things to do in Spain | outdoor attractions in Spain | outdoor activities in Spain | hiking in Spain | best locations in Spain | #spain #nationalparks #naturalreserves #biospherereserves
Best Things to Do in Granada Spain!
Click the link for details! Are you looking for the best things to do in Granada, Spain? I have a helpful Granada Spain itinerary which provides tips for visiting The Alhambra in Granada, Sacromonte Caves, the Albaicin, Mirador San Nicolas and Granada Cathedral. Learn about tapas tours, Flamenco and more. Want to know where to stay in Granada, Spain and the best restaurants in Granada? Save and follow for more Granada travel tips!
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How to Plan the Perfect Malaga to Seville Day Trip (+ Itinerary)
In this guide, find everything you need to plan your Malaga to Seville day trip, including transportation, itinerary for the day & tips. day trips from malaga spain | seville spain travel guide #seville #malagadaytrips
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Day Trip from Barcelona to Montserrat
Visit Montserrat Monastery and Natural Park. Immerse yourself in both nature & cultural heritage on this day trip from Barcelona Spain. | how to visit Montserrat | things to do in Barcelona | places to visit in Barcelona | day trips from Barcelona | things to do in Barcelona | places near Barcelona | things to do in Spain | Barcelona to Montserrat | day trip to Montserrat | Spain travel | Barcelona travel tips | places to visit in Spain | places in Spain | #Barcelona #Spain #Montserrat
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Spain or Italy: Which Country Should You Visit? (Pros & Cons!)
If you're trying to choose between Spain and Italy for your first trip to Europe, we've got you covered. We'll compare these two countries in terms of their top attractions, food, architecture, history, cost, and more. Plus, we'll review in depth the pros and cons of choosing Spain over Italy and vice versa. After you read this article, you'll be fully prepared to make a decision between Italy vs. Spain.
granda vs seville which city is best?
Granada or Seville: Which City Should You Visit? (Pros & Cons!)
Are you torn between visiting Granada or Seville in southern Spain? This comprehensive blog post helps you make that decision by comparing these two popular Andalusian cities. Discover their top attractions, transportation options, and the pros and cons of each destination. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or a traveler seeking picturesque views, our valuable guidance will help you plan your trip, even suggesting the possibility of visiting both cities if you have enough time.
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A Weekend in Mallorca/Spain: 3-Day Itinerary
A weekend in Mallorca is one of the best travel ideas in Spain when it comes to a family vacation. Follow our 3-day Mallorca itinerary to enjoy this Spanish island with kids. #spain #travel #islands Best Islands in Spain | Spain Beautiful Places | Spain travel destinations | Spain Places to visit | Europe vacation | Best Islands Spain | Balearic Islands| Best Travel Destinations| Family Vacation| Mallorca Travel | Weekend in Mallorca | Mallorca with kids| Mallorca 3 day itinerary
The Seven Wonders of Spain Places Around The World, World Heritage Sites, European Vacation
The Seven Wonders of Spain
These Seven Wonders of Spain, all man-made, are among the best places to visit in Spain. Palaces, cathedrals, fortifications, and engineering feats make the list in cities across Spain: From Barcelona to Granada and Córdoba, from Sevilla to Ávila, Segovia, and León @travelpast50 #VisitSpain #seniortravel #travelphotography #TBIN #historytravel #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite
the inside and outside of a castle with text that reads game of thrones in seville
Game of Thrones Seville Filming Locations You Have to Visit
Explore the captivating connection between the hit TV series Game of Thrones and the enchanting city of Seville, Spain. Seville's stunning architectural landmarks, such as the Real Alcázar and Plaza de Toros, served as iconic backdrops for numerous scenes in the show. From the Water Gardens of Dorne to the Great Sept of Baelor, this article offers an enticing glimpse into Seville's role in the fantasy epic!
Spain's Great Cathedrals Monuments, Spain Country
15 Great Cathedrals of Spain
Spain's Great Cathedrals. Spain is famous for its spectacular cathedrals. Spain's rich artistic history perhaps finds its highest expression in these dramatic monuments. #VisitSpain #TravelPast50 #TravelHappy
A complete guide to Málaga Spain for visitors
Visitor Guide: What to Do in Málaga, Spain
A complete guide to Málaga Spain for visitors. What to do and see in Málaga, and best beaches and restaurants. Where to shop, plus top monuments and museums. Find #TravelPast50 insider recommendations. #VisitSpain #Malaga #Andalucia
the top things to do in alone in mallaca, spain with text overlay
15 Things To Do Alone in Malaga: Solo Travel in Malaga
You'll definitely like the things to do alone in Malaga. For solo travel in Malaga, these activities are incredible.
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Visiting Barcelona
Seeing Barcelona Through a Different Lens. Barcelona, Spain travel guide to photography. Check out this amazing and fun photography tour you can book in none other than Barcelona. Cool street art, see interesting neighborhoods, enjoy food and drinks, and get Barcelona travel tips. Find out all of the logistics of booking your tour including costs, when it takes place, and how long the tour is. See amazing sights and tourist attractions but travel off the beaten path on this tour of Barcelona.
20 best things to do in Seville, Spain Monaco, Gorgeous, Real, Women, Best
20 best things to do in Seville, Spain
20 best things to do in Seville, Spain. Discover all the amazing things to do in Seville, the gorgeous capital of Andalusia in southern Spain. We cover historic sites, tapas crawls, flamenco and more!
the top ten things to do in sevillie spain
15 Dazzling Things to Do in Seville Spain
Planning a trip to Seville Spain? Use this detailed guide to plan what to see and do in Seville with tips on how to see the Alcazar, Seville itinerary ideas, restaurant tips, where to stay in Seville, and how to get to Seville from Madrid or Barcelona.
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15 Must Try Dishes in Spain
15 Best Spanish Dishes You Have to Try! | Spanish food | food in Spain | what to eat in Spain | dishes in Spain | dishes to eat in Spain | Spanish cuisine | Spain travel | best food in Spain | things to eat in Spain | Spanish food to eat | Spanish meals | tapas in Spain | Spanish tapas | must-try Spanish food | Spanish desserts | international cuisine | travel food tips | foods in Spain | #Spaintravel #Spanishfood #food
the best things to see and do in corfoba, portugal with text overlay
15 Best Things to do in Córdoba, Spain
15 Best Things to do in Córdoba Spain | Córdoba travel guide | Spain travel | things to do in Spain | places in Córdoba | activities in Córdoba | attractions in Córdoba | sights in Córdoba | food in Córdoba | what to eat in Córdoba | pretty places in Córdoba | flamenco in Córdoba | what to do in Córdoba | Spanish food | Córdoba things to do | locations in Córdoba | pretty places in Spain | places in Spain | locations in Spain | attractions in Spain | places to visit in Córdoba | #Córdoba #Spain
the cover of game of thrones in sevillie, spain with text overlay
Game of Thrones Seville Filming Locations You Have to Visit
If you love the epic story of Game of Thrones, then a visit to Seville is an absolute must. This historic Spanish city served as a main backdrop for some of the show's most iconic scenes and continues to offer fans from all over the world unprecedented access to GOT hotspots –including its fortified castles and medieval-era backdrops.