Görkem Neşet Özmen

Görkem Neşet Özmen

Görkem Neşet Özmen
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DIY Sofa Table Behind The Couch.

There are so many dead spaces in the home. Imagine how much more practical our life would be if we utilized all that dead space (for example, I'm sure you've read my article on how

@Jen Dougherty I think I'm going to do something like this in the bathroom. Thoughts?

Something yo do with all my wicker baskets! Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas: Another way to take advantage of vertical space is by hanging baskets on the wall above the toilet or tub and using them to store towels.

What color shoes to wear with your suit.

Suit and Shoe Combination Men, this infographic will assist you when you are in doubt what colour of shoes to wear with a certain colour of suit.