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Medieval: Anglo-Saxons

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Tower of Babel, from the OE Hexateuch
chirographic will of Æthelred Unræd (d. 1014)
St Matthew in the Lindisfarne Gospels by Eadfrith - British Library Prints


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WEB SITE: Medieval Naming Guides: Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
Aelfraed and Haranfot: Anglo-Saxon Personal Names | History Today


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Deciphering Anglo-Saxon Art.
Anglo-Saxon gold belt buckle from the ship-burial at Sutton Hoo, early 7th century AD, Mound 1, Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England | British Museum
Runic Viking or Anglo-Saxon Ring, British Museum


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Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: Canterbury  Reproduction Anglo-Saxon brooch and textile in the Augustine Abbey Museum
Anglo-Saxon 8th Century. Link has details.
Anglian costume ca. 600. Link has details.


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Cooks and Queens
What Did The Anglo-Saxons Eat?
ARTICLE: Anglo-Saxon Food.


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St Cuthbert's Shrine - Durham World Heritage Site
a plaque commemorating Ælfric at Eynsham
A scribe writing by Anonymous - British Library Prints


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the Franks casket: fascinating piece, from the 8th century, depicting Christian, Roman, Jewish, and Germanic scenes; the front panel, in this picture, shows on the left the Germanic story of Welan the Smith, while the right depicts the Christian story of the adoration of the Magi
Pharaoh sitting in counsel, in AS 'witan' style (from the OE Hexateuch)
Lindisfarne Gospels by Eadfrith - British Library Prints

Christianity and Religion

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Anglo-Saxon peasants
Anglo-Saxon amber glass beaker, ca. 7c
Regia Anglorum

Daily Life

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Offa's dyke path
Aerial view of Offa's Dyke, near Montgomery, Powys, Wales, UK Built in the 8th century AD and is129 killometres long, built by King Offa as a border between Wales and England
artist's sketch of the Old Minster at Winchester, founded AD 648 (this is where Ælfric of Eynsham, aka Ælfric the Grammarian, studied)

Architecture and Places

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Anglo-Saxon penny
Edward the Confessor Penny
coin of Edgar (obverse)


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early AS warrior or lord
Offa, Christian successor to the pagan Penda overseeing work on the long trench - Offa's dyke - that was meant to keep out Mercia's western neighbours, the Welsh  Source: http://www.englandandenglishhistory.com
Early British Kingdoms

Battle, Weapons, and Armor

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British Kingdoms 600 AD
Map of Anglo-Saxon Britain
The Anglo Saxon Kingdoms c.600 AD


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The Anglo Saxon Kingdoms c.600 AD Anglo Saxon History
Offa's dyke path Notions, Wales, Goats, Britain, Sheep, Hiking