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Trends: 8 Leaves To Love + Tropical Leaf Decor Ideas

Learn your leaves! Statement Leaves glossary via Justina Blakeney, to help you plan out your tropical interior decorating schemes


"Welcome to the jungle" // nature inspired art // plants

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Mahalo, Maui: Lessons Learned on a Hawaiian Getaway

Mahalo, Maui: Lessons Learned on a Hawaiian Getaway Source: Mahalo, Maui…


I find the leaves of these plants really nice to look at: Monstera deliciosa Split leaf philodendron

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Greenery and foliage

Nopal es una verdura típica crecido en Centroamérica. Los nopales son cortados y cocidos, lo que resulta en que se ve y sabe como las judías verdes.

cactus picture for amazing greenery inspiration. Add house plants to make your house feel more like a home - if you don't have a green thumb, go for hard to kill house plants like a cactus!

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Bought this plant. It was totally root bound!

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Hawaii 2014 + Catalyst

No matter where you live, you can still relax under a palm tree or experience a little taste of the exotic!

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Photograper saw this at the Highland Place Bed and Breakfast in TN and didn't know what it was & thought it was a cool plant! Yes, indeed it is and I think it's in the green coleus family.


from The Cherry Blossom Girl // Green Inspiration - Palm Leaves

Canna / Via Lejardindeclaire

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Botanical Inspo | Justina Blakeney

Botanical Inspo

The Jungalow - Botanical Inspo : Justina Blakeney

APRENDO E PASSO: animais em nossa vida  COSTElA DE ADÃO (Monstera deliciosa) Os seus frutos são comestíveis, ao contrário das folhas que são tóxicas e que, quando ingeridas, causam estomatite, sialorréia (excesso de salivação), vômito, como também, dermatite por contato

Such beautiful form.


“He thought her beautiful, believed her impeccably wise; dreamed of her, wrote poems to her, which,.