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Flower Pot Card

Maybe next year's Mother's Day? Flower Pot Card - Idea: Cut out the card from cardstock as it is, and fill in the flowers appropriately and artistically with quilled shapes. Fold it and add your message inside!

Make me a cocktail :)

Make me a cocktail - handmade card. I am not sure how you would go about mailing this but it would be cute for hand delivered cards.


Although not in English, this photo captures the essence of this foam or felt activity. Must try for Sunshine Más

cuadro con retal encaje de bolillo

Need to do these with my G Grandmas doilies. Maybe on a navy background with a bright red frame. Lots of them all grouped together.


Just get rid of christmas aspect and could be used as a choice if they are done with their work during winter time.

#kardanadam #kardanadamboyama #snowman #coloringpages

#kardanadam #kardanadamboyama #snowman #coloringpages