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a card with an image of a gorilla wearing a hat
Çıkartma (çalın puhahah) - Çıkartma 1•
a gorilla sitting in the grass with an emotication on it's face
a gorilla with a hat on its head in front of a building and the caption says, bugun kawa yok
two gorillas are fighting in the grass and one is holding on to another animal
a close up of a gorilla with the words cok guzelim in front of it
a large gorilla standing on top of a lush green field
a gorilla sitting on top of a rock in front of a stone wall with the words sinirlenmek above it
a close up of a gorilla laying on the ground with its hands in his face
Birincisi Düzenlenen ‘Komik Vahşi Yaşam’ Fotoğraf Yarışmasının Kazananları Belli Oldu | Hayat Bilgileri
two gorillas fighting each other in an enclosure with the caption pellivan
a close up of a gorilla with its mouth open
Boy, am I mad !
a large gorilla sitting in the middle of some green plants and bushes with his head resting on its hands
Berggorilla – Wikipedia
a monkey standing on its hind legs with the caption saying, bloquet too