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a small metal house sitting on top of a window sill
handbuilt 'dream' houses by Tamara Rapoglu found at poets_ode
two clay houses sitting on top of a wooden table
Keramik Haus Töpfern Ton
a small house with succulents growing out of it
Ne şirin
two clay houses sitting on top of a table
three pencils are in the shape of houses and one is made out of clay
Teacher Appreciation Gift-Teacher Gift-Ceramic House-End of year teacher gift-Office-Desk-Pencil Holder
the process for making paper christmas trees is shown in three different pictures, including one with gold stars on it
Jul - få inspiration til alt fra julegaveidéer til juleopskrifter
Vores yndlingsmateriale lige nu: FIMOLER! Det er ganske enkelt genialt, og du kan kreere de smukkeste ting af det bløde ler. Her er to poetiske ideer til julepynt af fimo.
small houses are sitting on a wooden shelf next to potted plants and pine trees
Six Piece Ceramic Village
set of 6 ceramic village
four different views of the inside of an apple product display case, with cut outs and holes in it
Bez řetízku chondritů h
two clay sculptures with lit candles in them
Prišlo k nám Svetlo Sveta - keramický svietnik - Maxi Betl
Design LCH
an angel figurine sitting on top of a white sheet with a lit candle in it
Kerstin Schmidt, geb. Bielert * Hobby * Keramik mit Seele *** - Jahreszeitliches
two small white houses with lit candles in front of them on a lace doily
three small candles sitting on top of a wooden table next to shells and seashells
Coastal Home Accessories & Accents
You don't have to be a beach bum to surf At West End's collection of coastal themed wall art, home accessories, and furniture. #handmade #pottery #design #potteryideas #ceramics #clay #art