Amazing and Crazy tree root system like a pagan, elvish, fairy fantasy altar of spiritual wishing tree. Grimm nature faces.

Is nature amazing, or what? The Moreton Bay Fig tree is more than 160 years old. It is in Santa Barbara, California.

green woman - tree woman

incredible polymer clay wood sprites by the sculptor from Rosenheim, Germany, Chopoli

Fütüristik mimari.

Twisted & tesselating "Green House" building design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures for Agora Tower in Taipei, Taiwan 2016

Silvio Zangarini - Spiral (Vatican museum)

Walk up/down the spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum, Italy."l love this staircase! It's so beautiful to walk down and makes lovely pictures taken from a higher section to a lower section.

Downward Spiral at the Vatican Museum

bluepueblo: “ Spiral Staircase, The Vatican, Rome, Italy photo via robin ”

Duende ... wood carving!

Sculpted Wood Elven Head - or is it a carving at all? Where did the Elves vanish to in the latter Ages of Arda? do you only see trees? This is totes amazing.he loks alive.

Edificio en Kuwait.

"New Wonderful Photos: Amazing Building in Kuwait": When architects have a cool idea, they make a cool drawing. They would like to build the cool building. So far, this is still imaginary.

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Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall. On a magical twilight night, high above…