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MK-B | Galla Placidia 422 n. Chr.

Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin

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Rome Gold Ducat Coin, Roman Senate.

Vatican, Roman Senate Period Gold Ducat Coin (Fiorino Romano) Mint Period: 1350-1439 AD Obverse: St. Peter standing right, presenting banner to kneeling senator. Gear wheel beneath Senator´s initials (M-B) in fields! Legend: • S • PЄTRVS • E NATOR • VRBI • / NAS (vertical along banner) Reverse: Christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels, surrounded by elliptical halo containing nine stars. Legend: • ROMΛ CΛPVT MV NDI • S • P • Q • R • (facing head of John the…

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Coin, Spanish Netherlands, BRABANT, Philipp IV, Philippe IV, Souverain Ou Lion

Souverain Ou Lion D'or Spanish Netherlands 1660 Gold Antwerp VF(30-35)

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Coin, Spain, ARAGON, Philip II, 4 escudos, 4 Escudos, Valencia, EF(40-45), Gold

4 Escudos Spain Undated Gold Valencia EF(40-45)

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Coin, France, Louis XIII, 1/2 Louis d'or, 1642, Paris, PCGS, MS63, MS(63), Gold

1/2 Louis d'or France 1642 Gold Paris MS(63)

Diocletian's first appointee for the office of Caesar was Constantius; On 1 March, Constantius was promoted to the office of Caesar, and dispatched to Gaul to fight the rebels Carausius and Allectus. Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Romans, Arrow Of Time, Parthian Empire, Constantine The Great, Roman Emperor, Coin Collecting, Byzantine, Heaven

CONSTANTINE I the Great CHARIOT to GOD HAND in HEAVEN Ancient Roman Coin i68033

Diocletian's first appointee for the office of Caesar was Constantius; his second was Galerius, a native of Felix Romuliana. On 1 March, Constantius was promoted to the office of Caesar, and dispatched to Gaul to fight the rebels Carausius and Allectus.

 20 January 225 AD - 11 February 244 AD) was Roman Emperor from 238 AD to 244 AD. Gordian was the son of Antonia Gordiana and an unnamed Roman Senator who died before Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greek, Old Coins, Rare Coins, Roman Emperor, Metal Detecting, Coin Collecting, Medieval

GORDIAN III 244AD Silver Authentic Genuine Ancient Roman Coin Victory i67329

Gordian III (Latin:Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius Augustus ; 20 January 225 AD - 11 February 244 AD) was Roman Emperor from 238 AD to 244 AD. Antonia Gordiana was the daughter of Emperor Gordian I and younger sister of Emperor Gordian II.

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Coin, France, François Ier, Ecu d'or, Cremieu, EF(40-45), Gold, Duplessy:782

Ecu d'or France Not Applicable Gold Cremieu EF(40-45)

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NERO 63AD Rome Authentic Ancient Roman Quadrans Coin w OWL ALTAR Branch i65545 | eBay

Though accounts vary, many ancient historians state Agrippina poisoned Claudius. It is not known how much Nero knew or if he was even involved in the death of Claudius.Suetonius wrote ".for even if he was not the instigator of the emperor's death, he was at least privy to it, as he openly admitted; for he used afterwards to laud mushrooms, the vehicle in which the poison was administered to Claudius, as "the food of the gods," as the Greek proverb has it.

Constantine was initially the guardian of his younger brother Constans, whose portion of the empire was Italia, Africa and Illyricum. Constantine soon complained that he had not received the amount of territory that was his due as the eldest son. Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Romans, Sea Peoples, Roman History, Rare Coins, Coin Collecting, Roman Empire, Byzantine, Soldiers

CONSTANTINE II Jr Genuine 330AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin SOLDIERS i65879 | eBay

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AELIA FLACILLA Theodosius I Wife 383AD Ancient Roman Coin VICTORY CHI-RHO i67500

Aelia Flacilla -Roman Empress : 379-385 A.D. wife ofTheodosius I. On 19 January, Gratian declared Theodosius, magister militum per Illyricum, to be his new colleague in the Eastern Roman Empire. Several other equivalent positions remained vacant since the deaths of their last holders in Adrianople.

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Osmanlı Altın Paraları Müzayedesi

Osmanlı Altın Paraları Müzayedesi

The marriage took place on 27 April without the knowledge or consent of Rufinus. For Eutropius it was an attempt to increase his own influence over the emperor and hopefully ensure the loyalty of the new empress to himself. Ancient Roman Coins, Ancient Romans, Greek Gods And Goddesses, Rare Coins, Coin Collecting, Artemis, Seals, Cool Artwork, Medieval

EUDOXIA Arcadius Wife 400AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin GOD's HAND CROSS i67442 | eBay