DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims that I use for my cast iron skillet cooking!

DIY Wood Stove made from Tire Rims - this is perfect for cast iron skillet cooking outdoors! Very CLEVER! Cute idea for fire pit for parties

Crochet Eyes PATTERN applique / motif for by TheCurioCraftsRoom

Crochet PATTERN Eyes BOOKMARK and applique / motif for dolls, amigurumi or to decorate iPad cover - Original design by TheCurioCraftsRoom

@mint.bunny mint.bunny Hi there. It's me, and doll prototype of me And i'm 26 y.o. today

Instagram Post by Yulia, happy dollmaker✌😋 (@mint.bunny) c637923 v637923978 2beda 8Wrd1aK9cPw.jpg c637923 v637923978 2beda 8Wrd1aK9cPw.jpg

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