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The happy chair. As an old and successful author, I shall leave the earth while seated in this chair. A book will be on my lap half finished. At this point it becomes the duty of my children to carry on my legacy with that book as a start.

Black and white damask chair. We adore the black and white print, it's a fab match with our Profound candle design. Sarah's chair living room - I believe each person should have their very own special chair

A Lady In Red

How do you describe this chair by Moda? As voluptuous and gorgeous as Marilyn Monroe herself! Each chair is one of a kind - just like Marilyn herself! I want this soooooooo bad!

3 Things I Learned about Design while Decorating for my Mother | Maria Killam

Purple is a royal color. If your livi ng room comes in the south east part of your house purple sofa is a good option to invite wealth into your home. Use it sparingly though as its a strong color and you don't want to go overboard