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some white and gold sheets with tassels on them
Mevlid Hediyeliği Yasin-i Şerifler
a white shirt with gold trimmings and an embroidered bird on the chestline
Saya de Virgen de los Dolores, Tolox ( Malaga)
a white and gold quilted table cloth with an ornate design on the edge, sitting on a furnishing
an embroidered white and gold cloth with intricate designs on it's edges, laying on a table
an embroidered piece of cloth with flowers on it
Bordado Panosundaki Pin 0F8
two white napkins with gold embroidered designs on them
the corner of a white paper with gold embroidered designs on it
Embroidery Designs - Heart Floral Damask Corner 06(Lg)
two white and gold pillows on top of each other with decorative embroidered designs in the middle
an embroidered cloth with gold threadwork and flowers on the side, sitting on a table
an item is displayed on the screen for sale
a white table topped with lots of blue and green furniture next to a brick wall
Bohça Seti