My Quilts & Fiber Art It took me long enough but here is the first few albums of my quilts. Stay tuned - more to come

Helene Knott - 'Clothed in Crimson' - hand & machine applique, thread painted bird, and maple seed pods made from hand painted watercolor paper

eaa73dd6f6499b3ecd04df493db0d70c.jpg 600×450 piksel

an inexpensive way to fill a big, blank wall - thrifted frames with doilies hot glued inside (bought a box for a dollar at an auction)

Crafts, Lace, Needle Lace, Embroidery, Cloth, Napkin, Embroidery, Tissue, Sew

cinderandhoney florals.jpg

Vancouver-based artist Caitlin Benson (of Cinder & Honey) embroiders vintage-inspired flowers that will last a lifetime. Before reaching for her embroidery hoop, the designer always starts with a sketch on paper, which undergoes several revisions before B