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Blue Butterfly on white rose


Snow Ángel ~ ༺ß༻

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Sending you some gooood morning love! Thank you so much my beloved MCL.

Foto animada

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Reddish flowers reflected in water

no-te-no-live-the-jutro: „Wiele cudów życie jest niespodziewane ... Dużo więcej jest tych, którzy nas opuścić czekają całe życie.  Fabio Privitera "

Things that make me starry eyed — senza-te-non-vivo-il-domani: Molte delle.

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I am her, Danna (rhymes with Hannah), rusted & weathered & loving .

❝ Estou em harmonia comigo, com todas as pessoas e com todo o Universo – e tudo o que me acontece é para o meu bem. Mesmo involuntariamente...

Beautiful Yellow Rose glowing instead of the sun with flowers.


Animated Gif by Kevinjj_Kennedy

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Un doux moment en perspective .

shreya bhatt - IF THERE WERE NO TOMORROW I would tell you today  That you are the one that fills my life  Whose smile I cannot wait to see  Whose arms I long to have wrapped around me  Whose lips I live to kiss  Softly, passionately, in every way.  I would want you to know  That you make my heart skip a beat  You fill my soul with contentment  You brighten my dark skies. You fill my days and nights With stars, hopes, and cascading dreams.

Beautiful gown blowing in the breeze.

Anonymous said: Ese panda es lo máximo. Answer: Los pandas son lo máximo 7u7

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I can learn how my internal programming operates within me, make peace with that and open to a whole variety of response other than my limited, programmed reactions.

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Animated wallpaper, screensaver for cellphone

Κινούμενη φωτογραφία

Beautiful roses for all my beautiful loved ones and friends. Pin it to watch the roses send out beautiful hearts to you.

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Chocolate Love ~ Gif ~ Yes please .From my board : Animted Gifs