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40 Cute Skirts If You Want To Get Noticed

Christian Louboutin ~ 'Hot Chick' Spring Stiletto Pumps, Canary 2015

♦Christian Louboutin SS 2015

Christian Louboutin - Hot Chick Spring Stiletto Pumps / Only Me 💋💚💟💖✌✔👌💙💚 xoxo

Lindaaaaa rosasssss

Golden Wedding Rose (floribunda/hybrid tea) Yellow roses are my favourite - represent Friendship and remind me of someone special x

Yel-low, a lovely way to begin the day. Bring some sunshine into your day today with a splash of yellow.

Yummy Yellow bloom on Sunny Yellow backdrop brightens one's mood at every glance!


The Yellow watermelon has a canary yellow flesh, often seedless, with occasional black seeds. Tasting no different from the common Red watermelon, when ripe, Yellow watermelons have the same signature two-toned green skin.

Yellow on Yellow by Niko Vass, via 500px

Yellow on Yellow / While the yellow of the flower and the ladybug are nearly the same, the black spots on the bug cause the yellow to appear darker than the surrounding colour from the flower.