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Adorable Flower Square Bedspread, Modern take on the Granny Square with a Crochet Diagram for the Squares included.

Embroidery, cat, outlined in Palestrina stitch. See adjacent Pin for link to a YT video tutorial on how to do this stitch.

Erika Cavallini Semi Couture Crochet Cardigan - -

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Baby vest (which I've seen called "Turkish Tabard"). At first sight I thought this little vest was seamless, but the sides are seamed from underarm to hem. Worked in one long piece, either back-to-front, or front-to-back ~ Pembe örgü kız çocuk yelek

La casita de Mabely

Crochet Bunny Rabbit applique, no instructions. Looks like trebles for body and head, dc for tail, chains for ears, feet and bow.

Eu Amo Artesanato: Pintinhos de sianinha passo a passo

Pintinhos de sianinha passo a passo

El örgülerinizde kullanacağınız birbirinden güzel  hayvan figürleri ve tığ işi örnekler elişi örgülerinize ren ve hava katacak. Bir çoğunun açıklaması mevcut.Ben bu örgü kelebeklere bayıldım,oyalar…

Amigurumi Long Eared Rabbit Crochet Bunny Baby Shower Gift Doll with Liberty Lawn clothes