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granny sqaures and stripes blanket

granny sqaures and stripes blanket by riavandermeulen - just a picture, love the stripes and granny square mix and the colors! Looks like Attic Granny Stripe OR Drops pattern.

Granny Square #Dream Cars|

makes me want to make a blanket. Full Spectrum Granny Square Blanket Made of 63 different coloured granny squares All these colors are blended in rainbow order starting from the middle creating a swirl and they never repeat

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Ravelry: Swirl-3 Baby Blanket by Sari Siutti

Baby Blanket by Sari Siutti. These swirls have really grown on me! Here you’ll find a version of the Swirl Baby Blanket Pattern. You can make your own blanket as cheerful, colourful and playful as you wish!