Cool rocket stove idea for outside your tiny house.

rocket stove -this would be great for chicken processing & outdoor canning. takes very little wood & produces a hot fire.

hand painted pots!

Hobbies succulent plants or the like has turn out to be a new trend at the moment, so I believed I would share some DIY painted plant pots from all more than

DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots - Homey Oh My!

DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots -

white ● minimalism ● inspiration ● pinned by // BIRAMBI

DIY- Mini Patterned Plant Pots

DIY Mini Patterned Plant Pots -

Need some creative inspiration? Here are 50 Must do DIY Projects from April to fuel your DIY needs until the end of May!

Lampe à poser béton KUBIC

Lampe à poser béton KUBIC

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Concrete planters by krista

outdoor garden design for urban apartment balcony: concrete pots with succulent plants and fig leaf tree

<p>As we know; one thing always leads to another... As is true here with this marriage of concrete bowl casting and relief casting. Don't worry, it's also super easy. You can use any kind of foliage that has a defined vein pattern or…</p>

Metallic Cast Leaf Planter - made by Barb - pour your own concrete bowls with easy texture details

Make this Metallic Cast Leaf Planter with simple DIY instructions for concrete bowl pouring, leaf imprinting and easy painting techniques

resin & cement drums by AM|MA Studio NYC

New York-based AMMA Studio combine unexpected materials like sand, coffee, silica BB pellets and pink himalayan salt with cement and resin to create these stools.