Knitted ballerina flats or house slippers ~~ Деревенские тапочки

Knitting with different schemas and program & gt; typesetting edge with scalloped.

Схемы и технологии вязания

Right side of knitting stitch pattern

10 beautiful lace stitches to knit - one example - So Simple and So Lovely! Only two rows to learn for this pretty lace. Many knitting stitches on this site!

Hızlı ve Kolay Resim Paylaşımı - resim yükle - resim paylaş - Hızlı Resim

Leonor 2014 Sure wish there were patterns for this in English!

Прелестная манишка спицами от Натальи Шестопаловой

красивые модели(вязание)

Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions - Needlecraft Practical Journal #61 c.1907 - New Crochet Stitches & Garments

Tunisian Stitch or Afghan stitch crochet. It is a tight, close stitch that is great for items such as scarfs, rugs or anything that would require a heavy fabric. or you just take a thiner yarn with a thicker needle