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some children's drawings are hanging on the wall in front of their class room
Bir Destandır Çanakkale🇹🇷
an image of two people diving in the water
18 mart okulöncesi üç boyutlu etkinlik
a young boy standing in front of a poster with turkeys on it's side
18 Mart Çanakkale zaferi
a chair made out of cardboard sitting in front of a black and white wall with an image of a man holding a baseball bat
18 mart Çanakkale Zaferi
an image of some type of poster with words in the middle and stars on it
a hand holding up a card with an image of a man wearing glasses and a green hat
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Okul öncesi 18 mart çanakkale sanat etkinliği dürbünlü asker boyama
an image of a sticker with the name genulie kayle on it
Çanakkale geçilmez taç
a table topped with paper cutouts and pictures of people in turkey on top of a flag
a drawing of a cartoon character wearing a helmet and goggles, with the words camak
the words canakle gecimez written in black and red on a white background
Çanakkale zaferi
six black and white stickers with the words koluonesi cigninikk
a group of children wearing red shirts and masks
a young boy sitting on top of a red chair in front of a sign that says canada
the instructions on how to wear pajamas for boys and girls are shown in this poster
a drawing of a green man with two large white bowls in front of his eyes