Вяжем спицами тапочки-следки для начинающих по пошаговой инструкции с фото и схемами бесплатно

Своими руками - подарки и творчество

Knitting needles slippers-Sledkov for beginners step by step instructions with photos and free schemes

gradient neon

Tuto nailart // Gradient Neon // Ringardise Tendance !

white base nail + three neon colors on an acetate/plastic sheet + makeup sponge + nail polish remover around the cuticles = gradient nails! (site is in french, this is the summation in english) summer nails!

studded polish

7 Ways To Do Studded Nail Art, Courtesy Of Beauty Blogger The Nailasaurus

Now this is an interesting manicure."The Nailasaurus: Stud Up! Day Spots or Stripes?(balls/beads/studs on blue nail polish). I absolutely love this & I have to try this!

OPI - Black Onyx Studs 1

Halo gold studs on black nails Clean sexy Mani-Pedi and a close combination!

studded accent nail

Jazz up a plain manicure by recreating this studded accent nail look.

Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Plate Review and Demo

Stamping Nails Art - Believe it or not, you do not have to be an artist to do your very own nail designs. Nonetheless, nai

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