Mr. First Grade used hoola hoops for Racing Around the Clock

Pin Literacy- Read Cluck o' Clock by Kes Gray before activity. It is about telling time. Students use the hula hoop clock on the board and create the time given. The students are on teams and are racing to see who can put up the correct time first.

OLIVER'S CARDBOARD GARAGE. for little cars, adapted from MissyInspired's blog. Instead of using duct tape, I used glue for the entire project for a cleaner look. The upper level, set on 2 toilet paper tubes (lots of glue to hold in place), is wide so a car can drive past parked cars, the ramp has sides, and doors are marked enter & exit. I also glued a piece of cardboard in the center bottom of the box to level it. He loves it! (thanks Missy). Less than an hour to build!

Features a van with opening doors and detachable caravan that opens to reveal a small kitchen and bedL

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