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a man in a tie is leaning against a blue door and pointing at the camera
Onur Seyit Yaran
" Arkamdan bişey mi attın sen az önce "
two televisions with the same image on them
a close up of a person wearing a shirt and looking at the camera with a surprised look on his face
Kardeşlerim Dizisi Doruk Kim? Onur Seyit Yaran Kimdir Ve Nereli? Aldığı Ödüller - Oynadığı Diziler
two people sitting at a table with food in front of them
a man in white shirt and black pants leaning against a wooden wall with his hands on his hips
Onur Seyit Yaran
a man sitting at a table in front of a tv with his hand on the paper
Takip etmeden almayin lütfən
a man wearing glasses sitting at an outdoor table in front of bushes and white flowers
Onur Seyit Yaran
İnstagram Story
two people are smiling and one is looking at the camera while another person looks up