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Percy Jackson and the Kane chronicles. This made me grin for like 5 minutes. to Leo fans: this is a joke only for people who have read the Kane Chronicles. well just don't come and try to murder me, ok?

Gaea: Coke!!! The Seven:.......

D likes Diet Coke (Greek) and Bacchus (his Roman equivalent) likes Diet Pepsi. The Romans demigods of the 7 like Pepsi and the Greek demigods out of the 7 like coke

I think Percy would be the one to beat up the school bullies with the help of Piper, Leo, and Jason

Percy Jackson

Friendly reminder that we only have one more Percy Jackson book until he's gone forever. I'm plotting how to freeze time just before I finish the book so I don't have to lose him.

Watch out, Nico

Watch out, Nico! Percy's gonna give you poisoned McDonalds or something! You must go live with the Seven Demigods and have the dead do your laundry and chores! But Percy shall always be the sassiest of them all.


The Heroes of Olympus Photo: Camp Half Blood! No, Camp Jupiter! Go bugs bunny! I hate camp jupiter too!----->I don't hate camp Jupiter I just like camp half blood better!

Into the Wand

Into the Wand. We all thought she'd go back for Lil Chauncey, nope. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 this show will be the death of me!

This is what was going on in my mind during the episode 7 of season 2!

I had left open about Luna being or not daughter of Eclipsa, so I decided to make everything clear at once. After Eclipsa departed, Luna took the throne. It began there the period that became known.